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Introduction of I.M. és Társai Zrt.

The legal predecessor of I.M. és Társai Zrt. was founded in 1992 for the purpose of introducing reliable, high quality services in accordance with the highest professional standards in the whole range of the Hungarian construction industry market which was in a transformation process at that time in an effort to meet the international requirements.

The services of our engineering organization directly connected with building industry activities used to include design as well as implementation but, for about 5 years now, we have only undertaken implementation, and technical and cost control and monitoring of construction projects, technical expert’s engagements and full-scope organization of projects as well as independent engineer’s services.

Our MSz EN ISO 9001:2009 and 14001:2005 certifications cover not only construction industry activities but also real estate trading.

We have been a member of the Federation of Hungarian Property Managers since 2003 and of the Federation of Hungarian Consulting Engineers and Architects since 2008. The latter organization is a member of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) as well as of the European Federation of Consulting Associations (EFCA).

In addition to construction industry activities, I.M. és Társai Zrt. complemented its corporate profile with real estate trading, development and management services. In order to ensure a balanced business, we have a portfolio of buildings and land suitable for multi-apartment residential building projects in a total area of about 2,900 square metres. Our portfolio of buildings comprises offices, retail facilities and apartments in several cities of the country which are utilized and developed by our company within its technical operations.

With their expertise in the field of building and civil engineering, structural engineering, building services and building electricity, our highly qualified engineers guarantee that we provide high quality, full-scope and complex services for our Clients.

Milestones and Objectives of the Professional Career of I.M. és Társai Zrt.

 During the years after the company was founded, we acquired orders for building bank offices as a main contractor as part of the transformation of the Hungarian banking sector. In these projects, we developed complete facilities from architectural design till furniture in Budapest and in certain county towns of Hungary. The clients demanded high quality for the technical and professional resources and technical know-how for the implementation of the projects. The key to our success and to the satisfaction of our clients was our Company’s ability to create high-quality interior designs with short lead times.

We have developed our human resources, technical equipment, partners operated in a holding structure and sub-contractors to the highest standards that have been and still are expected from us in our market.

Parallel with satisfying high quality interior design needs, we were also contacted by Pannon GSM Telecommunications Limited (today known as Telenor Ltd.) – whose well-known slogan was „Pannon GSM, the leader” at that time – on the basis of our bank references, for constructing their first showrooms in 1995 as a main contractor. Supporting their effort to cover the entire country, we have built about 40 showrooms with several changes of the corporate image in the meantime. The highlight of this project was the Astoria showroom in downtown Budapest which is still considered by our client as their flagship. Astoria showroom was praised already in its first version in the interior design magazine ÁTRIUM. We continued to build showrooms for Telenor Ltd. until 2006.

With our real estate trading, development and management activities, we try to complement our services related to the buildings that represent one of our highest values. Our current operations are characterized by corporate engineering engagements, especially construction management, full scale technical control and independent engineer’s services. In this segment, we have participated in several projects supported by the Hungarian National Development Agency as technical controllers or independent engineers.

Our main references in the field of full-scope technical control:

      • We have provided independent engineer’s services and full-scope technical control in several hotel projects of Hunguest Hotels Zrt. such as in the transformation and expansion projects of Hotel Pelion in Tapolca, Hotel Béke in Hajdúszoboszló, Hotel Flóra in Eger, Grandhotel Galya in Galyatető and Hotel Palota in Lillafüred. The quality and technical standards of these hotel buildings are identical with the standards of office buildings.
      • Engaged by Tó Hotel Kft. in Bánk, we provided full-scope technical control and independent engineer’s services for the expansion of the existing hotel as well as for the construction works of the sports and leisure facility.
      • Besides hotels, we also managed the development and expansion of industrial plant buildings including the construction of office buildings, also providing technical control services. Thus, our engagements included the full-scope technical control of the construction works of the production hall and office building of TRANZ-ORG Kft. in Gyál.
      • In the course of a public procurement procedure the nursery school in Csobánka was rebuilt and expanded. Our company provided full-scope technical control in the procejt.
      • Since 2011, we have been working with our main client, Tetra Pak Packaging Ltd. as technical controller and project manager in their projects valuing several billions of forint aimed at the expansion of their production. In this project, the production hall will be expanded in several stages during continuous operation, and also a warehouse and hazardous waste storage will be constructed in a total area of 8,500 square metres.

Also, a 1,200-square-metre Category „A” office-canteen building is in progress, for which we perform the project management and technical control also including cost control.

All these areas will be implemented by our client with automation, facility surveillance and a sprinkler system. Project completion is scheduled to 2016.

      • In a public procurement procedure we had been awarded to the full-scope technical control for the energy modernisation of the National Institute for Sport Health-Care (Országos Sportegészségügyi Intézet, Sport Clinic). The project, which completion is scheduled to End of 2015, includes thermal isolation of façades (except for buildings with brick facades) as well as of ceiling elements and the replacement of windows.


I.M. és Társai Zrt.

Registered office: 
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Bogdányi út 13.


Mr. MOLNÁR, Imre László
director – general

Phone: +36 20 924 7347

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Mrs. MERCZEL, Susanne (Merczel Andrásné)

authorised signatory

Phone:+36 20 933 4530

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